Tuesday, August 28, 2012

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Just In: Beautiful Folk Pottery from Huey Wheeler

Just in, all the way from Dawson, GA... Face Jugs made by renowned potter Huey Wheeler.  

Friday, August 17, 2012

Get the JCrew Look for Less at Traditions

This bubble necklace from JCrew is $150.00.  Look what you can find at Traditions for just $40.00!

This circle necklace from JCrew is $135.00.  Traditions Gold Circle necklace offers a very similar look for $30.00.

This beautiful triple strand necklace of faux pearls from Traditions is just $75.00.

A colorful bangle adds flare to any outfit.  These bracelets from Traditions can help you achieve a similar look to JCrew's Wide Bangle for just $20.00.

Traditions has an assortment of faux leather bracelets ranging from $12 to $32.

These Zebra enamel bangles look almost identical to JCrew's Giraffe bangle (69.99), but can be yours for much less at $48!